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The "living" book
by Magnus

Sensation in the media

Hunters without requests

- A true story -

For the first time you can follow the creation of a multi-volume book live. You will be part of a true story that began a few years ago and will not only shock readers, but also cast its spell. It is also unique that the real names of the perpetrators and actors behind the scenes are named who are responsible for the crime and rule of law scandal. The book will not only contain written and spoken words, but will underpin what was written as a detective novel with original sound recordings and embody a completely new way of reading with original videos and pictures. The media book - immerse yourself in the crime online and experience it first hand.


I wish you an exciting reading, listening and viewing experience,


Your editor

Klaus Overhoff


temporarily interrupted due to book publishing work

Ein Fest

Hunters without requests


It is with great gratitude that this book is dedicated to my three children, my parents and friends. For the youngest, it is help for self-help, as a defenseless means to the end of their own mother, social workers, judges and all this covering environment in Rastatt, not to break from the suffering inflicted on them in such meanness.


The following names are replaced:


- the daughter concerned is called "Victoria",

- the father "Magnus"

- Victoria's half-sister is Madeleine

- the half-brother Hagen

- Victoria's mother is Renate

- the mother of Hagen and Madeleine is Julia


The names of the officials, lawyers, and accomplices of the crime are real.


The book is created and is under the thought of the great

Lao Tze:


Thirty spokes surround a hub,

the chariot work consists in their nothingness.

Clay is hollowed out and made into pots.

The pot's work consists in their nothingness.

Doors and windows are dug so that the chamber will become.

The Chamber's work consists in its nothingness.

Therefore! What serves, serves as possession.

What is not is used for work!







Table of Contents


  • A touch of fairy tale

  • Cunning

  • Apology

  • Power play

  • 20 hours deadline

  • Race against time

  • loner

  • Martyr

  • conspiracy

  • When hope fades

  • Christmas market and Christmas kisses

  • Not even fear can save you

  • The decision

  • In the forest of silence

  • A rainy day

  • Vienna

  • In love and snowed in

  • Sleigh ride

  • A deal with the Devil

  • Blood trail on earth

  • persecution

  • Empty hearts

  • flying sparks

  • Glorious times

  • Never back

  • freedom

  • They never arrived

  • Zurich

  • Time does not heal all wounds

  • The hunting lodge

  • Thorn game

  • A new life

  • What should be kept hidden

  • Departure

  • pain

  • Until all debt is paid

  • Cookies, tea and winter wishes

  • blackout

  • Cloud castle

  • Immoral

  • A grave of love

  • What was left of the day

  • Behind closed doors

  • Who sows silence

  • Moringa 4

  • Guilty

  • From the highest good

Wilde Pferde

A touch of fairy tale

March 1, 2020

A racing jersey the size of a child hung on a saddle pommel, made in precious fabrics. The purple base color was set off with azure blue inlays, which depicted a family coat of arms with white partial areas, of an aesthetic beauty that the little owner had to look like a princess or prince from bygone times.


Heraldically, the coat of arms formed a proud horse's head in the middle, diagonally to each other, at the top right and three fish at the bottom left, with the two other fields of the remaining opposing segments of the four-part division being set off with white-blue vertical bars. The roof of the coat of arms closed - with three interlocking treetops standing on a flowing hilly landscape - whereby the narrow, detached line in it could represent a river, but was left to the imagination of the beholder.


The ostrich feathers on the side framed the entire ensemble of coats of arms in a mighty, but proportionally fitting manner, and even more, they really brought out the noble inner workings described above. The at the same time simple and clear arrangements created a calm effect in the viewer, maybe even a feeling of home, always something special and definitely something curious.


The horse on which the children's racing jersey hung was of an exceptionally noble exterior and had an Arab head that a painter could not have put on paper more precisely in terms of elegance and evenness. The big eyes registered everything that was happening around with the greatest attention, but in a calm that made the gray mare radiate perfection. Like a statue, she stood quietly in the courtyard and let a 7-year-old girl clean her legs and stomach as if the difference in size were just an optical illusion.


She kept talking to the mare and climbed onto her grooming box to reach her back and neck. The mare, who listened to the name Shaklana, patiently let it be done and occasionally inclined her head benevolently to the little one, as if to confirm mutual affection.


"Shaklana" said Victoria briskly but nevertheless with unmistakable gentleness in her voice, "Come", whereby she released the reins at the entrance gate and brought Shaklana, who had her birthday today on April 1st, into her box. Of course Victoria had come up with something very special for her mare.


Full of pride she ran to her father Mgnus, who had to help her with the haul-off, and jumped into his arms beaming with joy to make sure of his approval. Magnus took his little daughter in his arms, pressed a kiss on her forehead and praised his daughter, who was able to take off the halter herself at a safe height.


Victoria quickly jumped from his arm to prepare the food for her Shaklana and her two Shettland ponies. Carrots were cut into small pieces, horse muesli was poured into the buckets with a measuring cup and brought to the horses, who were already impatiently waiting for Victoria.


The distant observer of this process was a small, gaunt man around sixty, whose cunning look revealed an indefinable cunning and unscrupulousness in such a moment unnoticed by third parties and just as quickly made the most submissive demeanor of a dervish, which such a type of person so quickly assumed dangerous, they get an opportunity. He went by the name Nico and was employed as stable master for the care of the horses.


" Those arrogant rich horse owners and their spoiled brats. ... we guys have to do all the dirty work. My opportunity will come to take what I'm entitled to ... I'll prepare that now ," he muttered to himself and greeted the owner of the horses waiting for him, the entrepreneur and father of several families, Magnus, who just came out of another box on the phone, in which he had looked at one of the family's horses 🐴.

Anna.und (4).JPG


May 24, 2020

Well over 12 months had passed since the scenes described when Magnus, coming from Munich, landed at Berlin Airport. A beautiful, not too cold spring day lay over the magical panorama when he got into a taxi and drove through the changing parts of the city towards the eastern outskirts of Berlin.


The reason for his trip to the capital was the Dammsmühle Castle in need of renovation, 30 minutes behind the city limits of Berlin in the tranquil Wandlitz, which his eldest daughter Madeleine had acquired through notarization over the next few days, at least that's what he thought, because he already had the down payment and notary costs reliant.


The eventful history makes the fascination of this property on 28 hectares of forest, lake with island and orangery converted into a bowling alley in GDR times, which Magnus wanted to convert into a day café based on the model of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich.


More than 100 years later, the mansion that the Berlin leather manufacturer Peter Friedrich Damm built for himself became a pleasure palace with turrets for the bon vivant Adolf Wollank, who was buried in a crypt on the premises.

A Hubertus pavilion once stood there. But it has long since ceased to exist, just as there are no rose gardens, orchards, vineyards or an oriental-style dance hall on the mill pond - possibly already lost in the Nazi era, when SS leader Heinrich Himmler came into possession of the property through expropriation and prisoners from the concentration camp Sachsenhausen used for construction work.


The design elements, which, according to Getter, also included two large bronze deer at the entrance gate, possibly disappeared, but also only after the end of World War II, when the Red Army initially occupied the site. The State Security later also made major changes, replacing the former castle roof with a full floor and adding a dining room to the rear of the historic house.

But this eventful history, in which, according to the local chronicle, there are still many puzzles, is what makes Dammsmühle Castle so fascinating. "A lot of day-trippers come from Berlin on the weekends," he says. They may have discovered the property in films: Ufa used the castle as a backdrop back in the 1930s, and WDR filmed the multi-part "Haus am See" in 1991. Scenes for the successful series "Babylon Berlin" were shot on the grounds at the Mühlenteich and the castle could also be seen in a "police call" episode.


Before he left Munich, his secretary arranged a meeting with a warehouse clerk in Berlin about renting sea containers as mobile storage space. There Magnus wanted to temporarily store a trailer truck of furnishings from a company liquidation near Mannheim for the planned day café in the orangery of the castle for a few weeks, since the liquidation in Mannheim could not be postponed.


Upon arrival, the premises of the company made a very clean and well-organized impression. The business owner sat in an office container on the premises and greeted Magnus in a friendly manner and in a noticeably hectic pace that seemed to be part of his business model to underpin his thirst for action.

He phoned a business partner over the phone and loudly while he assigned Magnus a seat in front of his desk, gestured to him that he could stay in the room despite the phone call, while he was drinking coffee, and ordered one from his secretary for his visitor Magnus , the latter gave instructions during the phone call, so that one out of the operational hectic, apparently downright embarrassed, whether one's own inactivity could become.


"So now to you," said Mr Bolitz, abruptly breaking off the phone call, while he had not yet completely hung up the phone, so that he could still be able to tell the other end of his conversation about his industriousness and persistence, slowly hung up the phone and initially described the content and background of his just ended phone call, switched to his company history and never-ending experiences. The whole thing at a volume that it was impossible to interrupt and listen.


In between, he dropped prices and information that could easily become undoing later.


Magnus presented Mr. Bolitz during his speech surge brought the power of attorney for early construction and the putative Bauvoranfragen Castle owner Mr. Nicholas Very, who wanted to have acquired by the trust after the turn, and now resold had.



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