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Mädchen mit Pferd

Because you are mine

Out of love for our children, we raise our voices together for the parents whose child has been torn away by one of the parents.


Hannah Arendt (1906–1975) wrote a widely acclaimed book on totalitarianism after the Second World War. A standard work to this day. She explains there that totalitarian states deliberately destroy families in order to gain more control over the individual in this way.

If you think about how systematically the classic family (man and woman with their children) is torpedoed today, then (ultimately) there cannot be any good motives, and it will not end well either.


The Criminal Code is clear: §§ 171, 225, 235 StPO.


The legal standardization of child welfare can be found in Section 1684 (1) BGB, with the weighting of Section 1626 (3), Section 1631 (2) BGB, and Section 1684 (2) BGB.


Such parents, mostly mothers, have nothing to fear.


Reason: You can rely on the youth welfare office employees protected against applicable law (Art 6 GG, SGB VIII, etc.) and the enforcement protection against court decisions and expert opinions.


Years of martyrdom cannot only be organized with corrupt officials in a deformalized legal system, it can and is effortlessly planned and drawn out over the years, regardless of what experts say.


As a rule, mothers are not enforced, nor are they criminally investigated!


On the other hand, fathers are hit extensively, the judiciary is knocking out - systemically and apparently politically wanted.


In the Victoria case (name changed by the editors at the father's request), the social worker Hansjörg Bayer was never responsible


  • Withholding witnesses,

  • Report manipulation,

  • Forgery of documents,

  • Etc.,


Factually proven to an unimaginable extent via documents from various files, witnesses, and finally own admission.


Consequences: none!


Office management, public prosecutor's office, supervisory authorities not only look the other way, they support these offenders in office with the assurance that they will not be investigated.


So social worker Hansjörg Bayer is allowed to continue to this day, covered by the district administrator who can be denied.


The advice from the Karlsruhe regional council that the district administrator must react personally is also disregarded.


Germany, a modern constitutional state, which, with systematized and deliberately illegal decisions, literally executes entire generations of children against scientific findings, such as the KiMiss study, the Cochem practice, common sense, etc., and severely traumatized them ex officio.


It should be noted that our laws are completely sufficient to prevent these conditions. The only thing is that there is a lack of implementation and enforcement from the legally available possibilities, from judgments against the parents who have boycotted contact and who have already been convicted of serious criminal offenses by means of expert opinions. The family courts are show events with sales distribution to experts, children's homes and other facilities in the helper industry, which are distributed by the youth welfare offices. According to the current legal situation, youth welfare offices are not at all authorized to take on this role.


There is no lack of knowledge and knowledge about the causes, the prima facie procedures, which remain inconclusive in the implementation after clarification, are derailed application of the law!


With the union of the three fathers with the same fate, we found an aid organization


No World - for lost children


Our children need both parents, the (self) power of the youth welfare offices must be curtailed as quickly as possible and drastically, family judges are obliged to provide further training, boycotting parents are sanctioned by


  • Enforcement enforcement as in the state of California,

  • Obligation to participate in counseling meetings

  • no youth welfare office jurisdiction at the court where the case is being heard

  • the changeover model is introduced by law as a standard of handling in the event of separation.


The second generation of children is growing up with a completely outdated family law practice (ECHR).


This has to end as soon as possible. We appeal to governments across Europe to understand that they must protect these children through timely decisions. No longer the state (youth welfare office & Co.) - but less!


The press may be dissolute. But it is the most moral tool in the world today. Fear of the press prevents more crime, corruption and immorality than the law :

                                    Joseph Pulitzer


The story that I tell you about the three fathers, Victoria, Isa and Alexander, is cruel and should have a happy ending, encouraging thousands of affected children that they are not alone with their fate.


In almost all cases it happens between the ages of 5-10 years, at a time when manipulation, isolation and thus deliberate alienation can be most successfully carried out.


Victoria's mother accuses the father with false witnesses and, together with the youth welfare office, planned staging of kidnapping allegations, etc. in the 4th year without consequences and deprives the daughter of her siblings, her second spiritual home for healthy development, with brutal violence. Violin and piano lessons with the father passé, the daughter's horses painted with the father and partly disposed of with an accomplice, Victoria's Dalmatians demonized, the half-siblings and grandparents on the father's side demagoged.


Isa was put in a children's home at the age of 4 (!) Because the father had delusions regarding the obvious false accusations of the child's mother, which was insubstantially alleged about her and her third party and was refuted by three well-known psychologists.


Bernhard was handcuffed in the courtroom and put in psychiatry for 2 months because he did not voluntarily renounce his son and defended himself against the completely obvious false accusations through legal references. In psychiatry you ask yourself from day one what you are supposed to do there and you let him go. Compensation by the accused, an effective means of prevention - no evidence!


Three fathers, with almost identical fates, will fight together against this systematized injustice as initiators of an influential organization across national borders.


Three fathers who have declared war on the insubstantial claims of criminal and / or pathological parents about child abduction have already submitted concrete proposals on a political level.


Three fathers, studied top performers in our society, former officers of the Bundeswehr, vice-presidents, entrepreneurs who move millions and were literally expropriated and stigmatized overnight.


Our constitutional state in the focus of three fathers who were not guilty of anything except joyfully fulfilling their role as father, which the other parent disliked.


Three stories that brought these three fathers together about the Holger Fritz case, who are now committed to eliminating this injustice with numerous supporters.

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