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PRIVACY POLICY of the copyright brand Stealth Journalism:

Editorial publications at Stealth by editor Klaus Overhoff until 23.03.21 (we thank you for the cooperation and wish you a fulfilled retirement). Updates to changes in licensing and branding, such as Stealth and others, are made once every six months via Open Journalism (US).

Imprint and disclosure in accordance with US press law. The "First Amendment" reads in part: "Congress should not pass any law ... that restricts freedom of expression or freedom of the press ...". This regulates, for example, the "Privacy Act" of 1974, the "Privacy Protection Act" of 1980, the so-called "Freedom of Information" laws and the so-called "Sunshine" laws. The Freedom of Information Act of 1966 gives the press and the general public access to executive files.


Media owner / publisher

Shareholders / proportions of

Stealth: (brand without financial participation) wholly owned by Citrovax Stavridis, PO Box 14522, Jerusalem, Israel (NPO), represented by Open-Journalism (US). We operate several YouTube channels as specialized information podcasts, e.g. B. Stealth TV, Stealth Radio, Corruption & Enlightenment, Rastattt (since 2018), etc. We provide a web platform under Stealth on which offers from third parties are published, as well as research results researched and commissioned by ourselves. The verification of compliance with journalistic due diligence is carried out on a random basis and is excluded for links. Licensees always work on their own account, responsibility, address. If you have reason to review a published article, please let us know in writing, stating your contact details and reasons, so that we can investigate your complaint. Without submitting a complaint, four weeks after receiving knowledge there is consent to the publication, the content in words and images, the related context and facts. Evidence published by us, names of people, victims, witnesses and participants in the broadest sense, are based on public events, party conferences, public court hearings, etc. Uncensored persons shown or cited are public figures according to, for example, the Art UrhG in Germany and US media law. In the event of a dispute, US law applies.

Cooperations with third-party providers in the media landscape (print, TV, Internet, radio) must be signed by us in writing by means of a cooperation agreement / license agreement / etc. be confirmed. Any alleged collaboration with our information channels / media / offers / cooperation partners / former licensees / etc., Any kind of integration of our range of services on media from third-party providers in the broadest sense, will be rejected on the merits without a contractual basis. Per se, we distance ourselves from all assertions not confirmed by Citrovax by expressly contradicting them, which third-party providers use the content of our information channels in part or in whole for their own purposes, in a different context, changing or local causalities or not with our guiding principle of a basic democratic understanding can be brought into agreement. Our 10 principles are applied before the publication of our own articles and represent a voluntary commitment without any legal claim. We practice the written form requirement for all cooperation without exception. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is the seat of Open-Journalism (US). All images used are subject to copyright and are lawfully acquired and used by us. The image material used is to be understood as "image similar" to the text, otherwise the note "original photo" is noted. Detailed information on image rights is available on request. We consider unanswered press inquiries as approval of a publication. The suspicion or factual reports published by us following a press inquiry are considered authorized if the given opportunity to comment is not used. In principle, there is no right of veto. Since reporting lives from being up-to-date, a response time of 24 hours generally applies, unless a longer period is given in the press inquiry. For inquiries from long-term research, a comment period of 48 hours applies, unless a longer period is communicated. Of course, there is the possibility of a justified extension of the deadline to a press request, to which we will then respond in writing. We answer in the national language of the inquirer or in English. There is no legal entitlement to an extension of the deadline. The presentation of the reporting is subject to a contemporary and factual presentation, with headline, underline, text body in a 4-color system, sources, evidence within the scope of our 10 principles. Presentation slogans are usually directly related to the topic of the report. We ask questions based on current research and information as

  • Counter questions

  • Motivational questions

  • Control questions

  • Clarification questions


  • Finding the truth,

  • Enlightenment,

  • Factual support.

We understand neutrality as a self-image in the sense of the generally recognized meaning of the word, in causality to the guiding principle and our 10 principles.

In the event of disputes, out-of-court dispute resolution, such as mediation, applies under ADR US civil and commercial law with reference to the "Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards".

Mission statement:

We pursue the goals of a

Free social order that excludes extremism as well as a market economy with as much as possible self-determined market participants in fair partnerships and participation mechanisms for everyone in production capital. bundles media-appropriate concise and pointed the best from areas of society investigative special topics, such as corruption, bribery, perversion of law, abuse of office, etc., related to selected regions and cases.


Stealth journalism Stavridis,

PO Box 14522, Jerusalem , Israel

If you have any questions or comments about editorial content, articles, comments and postings, please contact us at:

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Creative working environment

All productions and film cuts are made without exception via our global network on our central server and modern software until final completion.

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