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The spectacular case of Uta Böllinger



Opinion No. II of April 20, 2020:

Psychologist Dr. In the current report of April 20, 2020, Christidis stated as follows:


Accordingly, it must be assumed that the daughter's refusal of contact - as in the film


"Because you are mine"


was impressively shown - due to the massively damaging influence of KM Uta Böllinger; although it must be noted at this point that Ms. Böllinger's approach far exceeds the excesses that can be seen in the film .


Current panel discussion on the film "Because you belong to me" from May 17th, 2020 on SR:


The panel of experts on the film!



The renowned and intrepid reviewer Dr. Christidis using the example of the mistake of justice to include the teacher Horst Arnold (1) from:


These lower motives that the teacher Heidi K. were accused seem to find in the present proceedings in KM (Uta Böllinger).


At this point, the court must also ask itself whether such a destructive woman actually serves the best interests of the child and whether she is capable of bringing up a child to become a self-reliant and socially competent person.


(1) LG Kassel, Az. 1620 Js 16973/08




Opinion No. I dated November 2nd, 2017

Dipl. Psych. Dr. phil Schaffner comes to the following summarized result:


There was no evidence that the daughter had traumatic experiences with the father.


Since the daughter knows the mother's attitude towards the father, the problem arises that - even if she has experienced the father from her own perception as benevolent and supportive - she has to present him and the situation negatively in order not to contradict the Beliefs and expectations of mother to stand.


Associated with this is the risk that the daughter will lose confidence in her own perception.


The child feels the compulsion to accept a false reality in order not to endanger the relationship with the caring parent.


The own reality check is abandoned, instead unreal, manipulative stories are adopted in order to cope with the fear of loss. However, the parent who was previously experienced is not deleted in the child, but dissociated, ie split off . Often, intense feelings of guilt develop as well.




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The posts contain true stories that we are working on investigative journalistic with fellow campaigners for the preservation of our basic democratic values, but we also do not want to withhold some personal pieces about current affairs from you. Journalism is much more than just writing a message. More than ever before, what counts today is the face and personal concern behind the text, the content of which is just as important. We hope that this website can offer you both: a face to the cases, clarification and lots and lots of information, especially a contribution to strengthening basic democratic values.

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