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The press law case:

District Court Director

Klaus Felder

How the press spokesman and district court director Klaus Felder tramples on press law and counteracts it with ludicrous criminal charges in order to prevent uncomfortable reporting through intimidation.


Is the law bent and is there an abuse of office?


Another question needs to be clarified: Who informed the daily press of the director's advertisement and other third parties who were instigators of the trial we were reporting on?


Was this the reason that the Rastatt daily press portrayed the course of the proceedings in such a way that the reporting had hardly anything to do with the actual proceedings?

Find out how District Court Director Klaus Felder instigates his employee Belfiore to file a criminal complaint after OStA (Chief Public Prosecutor) Michael Leber previously gave him tutoring that it is inadmissible as a superior to file a criminal complaint on behalf of (!!!) his employee.


Maybe she didn't know anything about it when her boss filed a complaint on her behalf!


Particularly treacherous and assuming prior ignorance to have acted on her behalf is her contradiction to her manager's report. It also supplies false statements of fact.


The document for this:

Criminal complaint Daniela Belfiore!


This could result from the fact that following information from OStA Michael Leber to Dir. Klaus Felder, this on the same day, July 17th, 19, then filed his own criminal complaint against Mr. Volker Hoffmann, but with a different, non-existent criminal offense Brings display.


Just click on the document:

OStA M. Leber generously corrects the problem at the expense of the already wrongly accused.


Perversion of the law from this:

The constitutionally guaranteed separation of powers is disregarded at the same time, the principle of objectivity in favor of the complainant Klaus Felder is additionally disregarded.


The public prosecutor's office holds the wing over Director Klaus Felder and cannot identify any incitement - supported by the attorney general, who converts the incitement into perversion of the law.


In fact, neither the StA Baden-Baden nor the police in Rastatt are allowed to deal with the case themselves, at least if the current constitution allows:


§ 143 Abs. 1 S. 1 GVG i. V. m. § 7 Abs. 1 StPO


The document here:

Examination result attorney general


Hoffmann wants to know and files a complaint with the administrative court in Karlsruhe.


The document here:

The lawsuit against the StA Baden-Baden


Will Ms. Belfiore be willing to confirm the allegation in her manager's complaint, Felder on the witness stand?


Is she even allowed to say anything?


Volker Hoffmann reports Ms. Belfiore for incitement:


Just click on the document:

Criminal charges against Daniela Belfiore


Whistleblower contact
Der Fall Hoffmann - Felder: Über mich
Coffee and Magazines

Freshly printed

Der Fall Hoffmann - Felder: Jüngste Arbeiten

Criminal complaint No. 2 - Klaus Felder

It is not legally permissible for potential perpetrators and prosecutors to judge and check themselves - actually logical and not worth mentioning - not so in Rastatt and Baden-Baden.


The jurisdiction of the Baden-Baden public prosecutor's office on the basis of Section 143 (1) sentence 1 GVG i. In conjunction with Section 7 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the present case does not apply because the public prosecutor's office itself is involved as the authority. Therefore I assume the responsibility of the Stuttgart Public Prosecutor's Office.


Just click:

The criminal complaint


The result

coming soon




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