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Lord Mayor Pütsch


Freedom of the press - not in Rastatt


Use of force against representatives of the press

The public city council meeting on June 18, 2020, 5:30 p.m., will be a debacle for Mayor Pütsch. He personally excludes the public, specifically the press representatives of our company, by having the access doors to the Baden hall locked by police officers.


Reason: unknown "That would be the case"


At 7:40 p.m. massive use of force by the police against Hoffmann & Overhoff while both were interviewing about 20 mtrs apart on the forecourt. to lead. There is no aggression or reason for the attack. A policeman unexpectedly attacks the journalist and cameraman from behind and finally puts him in a headlock, after trying to snatch the camera from him, which fails - everything is recorded by sound, and finally the officer tears off the batteries.


Overhoff wants to hold on to this and is thrown to the ground, lying on his back, his head pressed on the pavement and one hand twisted.


Now the officials claim that Mr. Overhoff's assault never took place. The first officer has already withdrawn and no longer wants to confirm the lie.


Witnesses have also come forward who observed this monstrous attack from an ambush.


Hoffmann has to go to the hospital. The police refuse to help him - after it is recorded by the microphone, he finally calls the ambulance.


Consequences for Mr. Hoffmann here:

Certificate from the Rastatt Clinic


Consequences for Mr. Overhoff:

sprained hand, bruises


Video statement here:

Brief summary


You can see the scenario here (in brief):

The exclusion of the public and press censorship


In detail:

Before that, the world-experienced editor Klaus Overhoff (Vienna) and the Rastatt citizen and journalist Volker Hoffmann have taken their places in the hall. No exchange of words, no aggression from the two, then an abrupt and unfriendly speech by the mayor over the microphone, the two gentlemen may leave the hall, filming is prohibited. However, no film recordings were made. Messrs. Hoffmann and Overhoff, whom the mayor knows as highly reputable professional journalists , gave the two of them numerous interviews in recent years.


Today, on June 18, 2020, he has her thrown out of the Badener Halle for no legal reason and denies the basic right to public participation according to § 41b GO BW and at the same time serious disregard for press law.


Mayor Pütsch took advantage of the interest in attending the public city council meeting on June 18, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. to have Mr. Overhoff and Hoffmann removed from the hall by municipal law enforcement officers in every respect for no reason


  • Mr. Sven Severing, phone 07222 972-7310, community enforcement service


  • Cora Malina, phone 07222 972-7321 City Police


  • and two more


to expel and expose them.


Mayor Pütsch initially asked Messrs. Overhoff and Hoffmann to bring the camera to an adjoining room in the Baden Hall (illegal request) and uses the oncoming transfer to block access to the meeting room via Sven Severing and three other city police officers after their return to align:


There would now be a house ban!


When asked about reasons, scornful reply from three hall police officers that one could sue. When it is insisted that a written order is made and handed over, which would also have to be publicly debated beforehand, Mr. Overhoff insists on the right to participate in the public city council meeting, he is finally maneuvered out of the building with physical force.


The Rastatt police were also well informed, because they knew immediately, without any request to report, that the mayor would make use of his domiciliary rights, nothing could be done about it.


Mr Pütsch will now have to publicly explain what the reason for the breach of law is.


The scandalous case of Uta Böllinger (see WikiBöll) is possibly the reason to arbitrarily exclude the public and the press, because OB Pütsch is in bad faith through our research results, and he evades potentially critical questions through violation of the law and the order of violence, which he comments verbatim after implementation as follows: "That's fine".



Oberbürgermeister Pütsch: Über mich

The freedom of the press

- not in Rastatt -

Principle of democracy

If GO Art. 52 para. 2 in principle

"determines that the meetings of the municipality (city) council are public, so it is an acknowledged fundamental procedural principle, which is well founded in constitutional law (principle of democracy and the rule of law - GG Art. 20 II, III, GG Art. 28 I S. 2) The aim and purpose of which is to convey or enable publicity, information, control and integration in relation to the work of the municipal representative body vis-à-vis the general public.

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