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Holger Michael Fritz

The vita and aura of an exceptional personality in a nutshell:


"The Power of Truth and Clarity"


He still loves the gardening profession he learned before his studies, and once planned and laid out magnificent gardens. Since 1997, as a strategy and management consultant, he has been reading and processing corporate figures for his clients just as accurately and reliably in order to prepare decision-making and put them on a solid foundation.


"I can switch off best while playing the violin or at the piano, preferably with a view of a beautiful garden or of the mountains, with thoroughbred horses grazing." , says horse lover Holger Fritz, who, as a particularly talented violinist, discovered his love for this instrument at the age of 8 in Switzerland. He was taught from the age of 9 by a violin teacher who played as a child prodigy under Herbert von Karajan in Paris at the age of 12. "I'm a long way from this virtuoso, but it was a downright magical lesson when we made music together," recalls Holger Fritz with a little sadness.


"I also started playing the piano at the age of 13, when my brother didn't feel like it anymore," says Holger Fritz. But the violin remained his main instrument, which he also taught his youngest daughter in Rastatt with great success until 2016. "The little violin had to go everywhere, even in the stable she played her mare Shaklana. I mourn this wonderful time very much," says Mr. Fritz, lost in thought, and then suddenly changes the subject.



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Der Unternehmer Fritz: Über mich
Holger M. Fritz
Hütte am See
Tochter Celine Madeleine Fritz
Jemand die Klavier spielen
Fantissimo unterm Sattel
Tochter Celine Madeleine Fritz
since 2015
Träumerei im Familienheim
... immer dabei
Einfachheit, Poesie, Zufriedenheit
Tochter Celine Madeleine mit Rapphengst
FF Spirit 2016,Ein TOP-Hengst aus der Vollblutzucht von Holger Fritz
Kinder-Malerei von A. Feodora
Es wächst mehr im Garten, als man gesät hat.
Dalmatiner Akinto am 10.04.17 von Tochter A. Feodora ausgesucht
Celine Madeleine Fritz unterm Sattel - Rennbahn Iffezheim
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Unternehmer und geschäftsfrau
Hübscher Garten
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Styled Garten
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Rückansicht eines Kaufmanns
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Shaklana-u-Pashaa (6).jpg
Reisen Selfie
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Klaviernoten üben
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Image by Tomas Anton Escobar
Klavier spielen
Image by Ravi Bhardwaj
Image by Paolo Nicolello
Image by Ali Kazal
Malerische Parkszenen
Herz Sonnenbrillen
Der Unternehmer Fritz: Willkommen
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