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Our principles

"Journalism is about publishing something that others don't want it to be published. Everything else is propaganda."

Attributed to George Orwell

Intensive research and investigative journalism are more important than ever in a world that is becoming more and more obscure. Politics, justice, abuse of office - we research persistently and persistently, exactly where they are denied insight and access. This is how we uncover grievances, abuse of power and misconduct. The aim is to provoke reactions and initiate reforms. Our self-image is: We do not proceed aggressively, but meticulously. We report fairly.


Our principles

  • We report fair and balanced.

  • We investigate clues with an open mind.

  • We question our research results critically and permanently.

  • We don't act aggressively, but meticulously.

  • We are doing everything in our power to protect our informants.

  • We don't pay for information.

  • We do not allow ourselves to be instrumentalized.

  • We can substantiate any facts that we publish.

  • We make our research transparent - as long as we don't endanger anyone.

  • We don't scandalize, but point out structural grievances.

Ethics is that part of philosophy that deals with the prerequisites and the evaluation of human action and is the methodical reflection on morality. At the center of ethics is specifically moral action, especially with regard to its justifiability and reflection.

Philosophie: Jüngste Arbeiten
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