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Three true stories

Name changed by the editor


The Magnus case

Affected child: The now 13-year-old

Daughter Victoria (see also live book creation)

April 20, 2020

Expert opinion of the Giessen Academic Society confirms expert opinion by Dr. Schaffner and shows the maternal abuse with rare clarity.


23 May 2020

Current: Resolution OLG Karlsruhe - The already legally inadmissible complaint of the child's mother is rejected, the additional opinion requested by the procedural adviser Behringer by Prof. Dr. Renner represents a violation of the personality of her seriously abused, now 13-year-old daughter, who has been completely isolated for over 4 years. The child's mother's time wasted again: 5 months



One of the best-researched cases in Germany, how state power can escalate almost unchecked even in a constitutional state, proportionality and ban on harassment play no role when officials of serious crimes are factually convicted across authorities with confessions, documents, etc. and are protected against applicable law to an unimaginable extent in order to evade corruption from a constitutional investigation.


False allegations such as the staging of child abduction from school, girl and drug trafficking, money laundering, violence, lack of residence, sodomy, misappropriation of rented cars, black money in coffee machines, the whole range of serious crimes or the most devious allegations, are accompanied by false affidavits from the child's mother, their relatives and hired, rewarded witnesses, set out to bring down the entrepreneur, which fails to the planned extent.


After the offenses of public officials are exposed, several files disappear at the same time with different authorities, procedural rights are denied, censorship is exercised, the proceedings are dragged out due to inaction, etc ...




The clarification was already carried out in 2016, supported by evidence , only the principle of official investigation is prevented by the head of the authority personally - the question arises why - the further clarification and legal finding remains exciting.

Vater und Tochter mit Wunderkerze

The knight case

Affected child: The 6 year old today


23 May 2020

Received today: Isa made it - OLG decision puts an end to the youth welfare office spit - she comes home. Richter apologizes to his father - there is still that too and we will not keep it secret!

Family court, inheritance & criminal proceedings. As in the Magnus case, a million-dollar loss is ex officio caused and covered up on the back, with the deliberate, tactical inclusion of warrants and legal maneuvers. The tactic is stalling, crumbling, creating facts and sending those affected to the courts in order to suggest an apparent rule of law that produces obvious misjudgments in the first instance.

Vater und Sohn machen ein Nickerchen

The Bernhard case

Affected child: The now 12 year old

Alexander Philipp

23 May 2020

Current: no change.

How state power strikes when fathers defend themselves against child deprivation and asset destruction. Here, too, you will be informed by factual reports on what German family policy is doing with children and parents who are unpopular and who are in the other's way.

After a weekend of socializing, the father is falsely accused of wanting to kidnap the son. It is enough to claim a ludicrous story, obviously fictitious, which is then confirmed by expert reports. Opportunity for the father to deal with after complete clarification nil, sanctions against the perpetrators, not remotely feasible, which would have to be done ex officio.

Drei wahre Geschichten: Jüngste Arbeiten
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