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Working from Home
Frau mit Papiermaske
Mann mit medizinischer Maske
High Five ohne Hände
Lebensmitteleinkauf mit Maske
Älterer Mann mit Maske
Covid 19
New York Skyline
Statue mit Maske

Corona - COVID-19

No panic

We collect different voices on the subject of CORONA for you.


Form your opinion from as many sources as possible and stay a self-determined citizen - just click:


Austrian Parliament - links between politics and corporations


Experience of a country doctor


ARD - RKI Dr. Drosten


Tichy's insights


ARD - Prof. Streek informed


Why protective masks put mental health at risk


Opinions from the Catholic Church


Manipulation of opinion - as a cartoon


The opinion of a Russian colonel





Nothing happens by chance in politics. If it does, it was planned that way.


The world needs to understand that state morality is just as vital as private morality.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

President / 32nd / 1933 - 1945, was the only President elected for 4 terms en suite (USA, 1882 - 1945).




CORONA: Über mich
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