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Here we publish current and closed scandal cases from different regions in which we are involved or clarify ourselves.

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Investigative Research - Law as a Journalistic Tool

Journalists work in a complex field of tension made up of conflicting interests. The publication of information that makes unknown or deliberately veiled government, corporate or private actions public will be prevented by all means by those affected. Practical experience shows that the pressure from private individuals, politicians, associations, clubs or companies on press organs can be immense.

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Principles of suspicion reporting and weighing of conflicting interests

If, for example, authorities refuse to investigate, withhold confessions, do not listen to witnesses, files disappear or basic procedural rights are disregarded, then the press, as the 4th power in the state, has the task and democratic duty to call these black sheep by name through the reporting of suspicions to achieve the reconnaissance with horse and rider.

This tension between the fundamental rights of those involved has resulted in the case law establishing fixed principles for suspicious activity reporting. Those who comply with these can also report unproven suspected cases. Section 193 of the Criminal Code (StGB) also helps here, as it provides for the “safeguarding of legitimate interests” as a justification for otherwise punishable “defamation” (Section 186 StGB).

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